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What is the process involved in obtaining a Fiance(e) Visa?

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Last Modified:Monday, September 08, 2014

What is the process involved in obtaining a Fiance(e) Visa?

The U.S. citizen (also knows as the petitioner) submits a petition for his or her foreign fiancé(e) (also known as the beneficiary) to the USCIS. Petitioner submits Form I-129F (fiancé visa petition) along with Form G-325A.

Form G-325A (Biographic information): The government can use the information on this form to check background. Petitioner and foreign fiancé(e) both need to fill out Form G-325A. Petitioner must submit a single copy, but beneficiary must submit four exact copies.

After a few weeks, the U.S. petitioner receives Form I-797, the first Notice of Action (NOA), from the USCIS acknowledging that the petition has been received. Depending on processing time, the petitioner then receives the second Notice Of Action from the USCIS acknowledging that the petition has been approved. The USCIS Service Center forwards the petition to the National Visa Center.

The National Visa Center will process the file and run preliminary background checks on the beneficiary, then forward the approved petition to the beneficiary's embassy, as listed in the I-129F. Once the U.S. consulate receives the NVC notice of approval of the beneficiary's visa petition, it will send the beneficiary an interview notice and some additional forms and instructions (varies among consulates. Usually it contains Form DS-156, DS-156K, DS-230).

K-1 visa process requires that beneficiary pass the medical exam.

Form I-134 has to be filled by U.S. citizen sponsor and sent to the fiancé(e) abroad to send along with all other forms to the consulate). On the day of interview, the beneficiary will be expected to arrive at the consulate with forms and documents in hand, according to the consulate’s instructions. After the beneficiary attends the interview and is approved, the consulate will give a visa to enter the United States. Ideally the beneficiary receives the visa within a few days of the interview. Once the fiancé(e)receives the fiancé(e) visa, he or she will have six months to enter the United States.

You can use our simple step-by-step system to prepare the K-1 Visa application online.

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