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Process after mailing I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on...

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Last Modified:Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Process after mailing I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence

I have mailed in my I-751, what do I do during the wait period?

The I-751 form and accompanying documents are mailed to the USCIS Service Center that serves your geographical area. (Use certified mail or priority mail with delivery confirmation, and write "Attention: I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions of Status" on the envelope under the address.) You must mail the package to the address as directed (for the type of form) by the USCIS Service Center at which you are filing.

Applicants then receive a notice of receipt for the form stating that, "Your alien card is extended for one year - employment and travel authorized". Keep the receipt with your "Green Card". If by some chance you are not approved within a year you will want to make an InfoPass appointment to go to your Local Office to request an I-551 stamp in your passport. This does happen as sometimes it takes over a year to be approved. After your NOA extension expires, this is your only evidence of legal status which you are required to have, by law.

It is rare that cases take more than a year, but it can happen. Local Offices will not give an I-551 stamp if you have another type of evidence of status (ie, expired "Green Card" extension letter). You may or may not be called for an interview after you submit this form. Procedures have been in flux for the past year or so regarding biometrics collections (fingerprints, and photo) and you may get a letter sending you to your DO or ASC for this service - this is not an interview.

Simply follow the instructions that YOU receive from USCIS and don't worry too much about other people's situations. Yours is the one that counts for you and everyone's application experience is different. If you are selected for an interview, it will be at your local USCIS office, not at the service center. Most typically, you have already had a biometrics appointment before your notice of approval, and your new "Green Card" will be mailed to you.

However, you should follow all directions received from USCIS. I-751 cases are generally completed in 6-12 months, currently. Once you receive the 10-year "Green Card", it should be renewed every 10 years, if you do not become a U.S. citizen in the interim.

If you have your application receipt number, you can check your case status online.

If you have not yet filed Form I751, you can start here.